Music for Weddings

Music is a very important part of the wedding liturgy.  This is an outline of the various pieces of music that need to be chosen for a Catholic Wedding.  Those marked with an asterisk (*) are only needed for a wedding that is celebrated within Mass.  

This outline is provided so that couples can begin wedding music preparations at home.  It is not intended to be all-inclusive.  Please contact Music Minister, Mark Walker, at, to set up a meeting at least three months before the wedding.




The Prelude begins 10-15 minutes before the Liturgy.  This is normally organ music that the organist chooses unless there are specific requests.  Vocal or instrumental solos are also a possibility.  


The Schubert Ave Maria is an option.  Can be the same as music for the bridesmaids.  O Perfect Love is another option.


Pachelbel Canon in D;  Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring are possibilities.

Bridal Procession

Bridal Procession Possibilities.

 Opening Hymn

 Opening Hymn Possibilities


 Can be sung or spoken.  If sung, the Missa Simplex is suggested.

 Responsorial Psalm

Possible Psalm texts are found here.  Please let the music director know which text you want and she can pick a musical setting unless there is one you prefer.

 Gospel Acclamation

 “Alleluia” except during Lent.  The music director normally chooses this unless you have a preference.

 Hymn of Praise 

 After giving of rings.  Optional.  Some possibilities are here.

 *Presentation of the Gifts

Can be a hymn sung by all (see Hymn of Praise options above), a solo, or an instrumental piece.   O Perfect Love is again an option.

*Eucharistic Acclamations (Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen, Lamb of God)

Missa Simplex is again a possibility


Options include Taste and See; Eat This Bread; I Am the Bread of Life; One Bread, One Body; other communion hymns.


Wedding Recessional Possibilities.